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PT. Ekamas Fortuna is known as one of Indonesia's base and converted paper manufacturer based on a recycling concept.
By maximizing recycled content, sourcing fiber responsibly and employing cleaner production practices-paper manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers can dramatically reduce the climate change impacts of the paper industry.
Paper Catalogue

HB 800/1200/1700
Heavy Board Sheet
HB 800/1200/1700
Paper Tube
Paper Tube
Paper Tube
CB 250-550 GSM
Chip Board
CB 250-550 GSM


Paper Core

Posted on Jan 19, 2012 - by admin

Have you ever wondered what is the definition of Paper Core? Well, the said that paper core is a board tube with a multiply wall of paper wound and laminated with an adhesive, e. g. waterglass: an aqueous solution of sodium silicate.
This product can be used in textile, bobbin and plastic industries. Contact […]

History of Paper Pulp

Posted on Jul 25, 2009 - by admin

Using wood to make paper is a fairly recent innovation. In the 1800s, fiber crops such as linen fibres were the primary material source, and paper was a relatively expensive commodity. The use of wood to make pulp for paper began with the development of mechanical pulping in Germany by F.G. Keller in the […]